Areal photography, often shot from a helicopter, was once prohibitively expensive for many. But there was no better way to really show off a property and set yourself apart from others. Drones are becoming a new trend, offering aerial perspectives at a fraction of the price of what aerial photography cost not that many years ago. Today aerial perspectives are incredibly economical and becoming much more common. Often there's no better way to highlight a property than with a bird's eye view.

We utilized drones to capture unique perspectives to highlight the facility itself, as well as the surrounding area. We provide enhanced images and/or video footage.

By the way, if you have a property or project that calls for super hi-resolution, detailed images we do offer aerial images taken from a helicopter. The professional equipment used from a helicopter can create images that can't be matched by the cameras on a drone. These super high-definition images can produce high quality, detailed prints over 30x40 inches.

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