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SQ voteVideo Messaging

Videos are more engaging, more memorable, drive more traffic, and hold many advantages over text! Introduce yourself, your company, or a product, or simply explain your message

Economical Video Productions

There's no better way to introduce yourself or demonstrate a product than with an economical, professionally, produced personal 1-3 minute introduction video.

6 Must-have Videos

The "Fitness"  video

This video allows clients to immediately see if you are the right fit to do business with. It's quick, clear, and concise. 

The "Elevator Pitch" video

Everyone's heard of the "Elevator Pitch". This is a super quick intro video that's perfect to put into your Linked In or Facebook profile and your website 

The "How Did I Get Here" video

This video gives your prospects an opportunity to quickly and easily see your background and where you're coming from. It's a quick story of how your got where you are. A retrospective.

The "What Can You Do For Me" video

Look at it as a continuation of the "How did I get here video". It digs a little deeper into what you can do for your client. It elaborates more on the future.

The "Perfect Solution" video

Here you talk about your various products and services without diving into the minor details. However, it can be used to discuss any of your products or services.

The "Ya Gotta See This" video

When you have a product or service that would really benefit from a quick demonstration, this is where you do it.


We are currently writing up more information about the best length of time for each of these videos and suggestions on some of the best, most valuable places to put them. Check back soon!

Five Reasons Why A Video Can Be More Effective than Text Alone

  1. A Video Grabs Peoples's Attention
  2. A Video Will Engage Your View's Attention
  3. Videos Will Drive More Traffic to Your Website
  4. A Video Is More Memorable And Improves Message Recall
  5. Videos Will Increase Viewers' Desire To Act